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Camel Artists Acrylic colors are reputed for purity, quality and reliability. They contain the maximum pigment content, They are available in 60 brilliant shades.

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Antique Bronze series 3, Antique Gold series 3, Black series 1, Burnt Sienna series 1, Burnt Umber series 1, Cadmium Green Pale Hue series 3, Cadmium Lemon Hue series 3, Cadmium Orange Hue series 3, Cadmium Red Hue series 3, Cadmium Yellow Medium series 3, Cerulean Blue Hue series 1, Cobalt Blue Hue series 1, Copper series 3, Crimson Lake series 1, Deep Magenta series 1, Emerald Green series 2, Gold series 3, Gold Bronze series 3, Lemon Yellow series 2, Mauve series 1, Olive Green series 2, Paynes Grey  series 2, Pearl White series 3, Permanent Green Deep series 2, Permanent Orange series 2, Permanent Rose series 1, Permanent Yellow Deep series 2, Permanent Yellow Medium series 2, Phthalo Blue Hue series 1, Phthalo Turquoise series 1, Portrait Pink series 2, Prussian Blue series 1, Raw Sienna series 1, Raw Umber series 1, Sap Green series 1, Scarlett Lake series 2, Silver series 3, Titanium White series 1, Turquoise Green series 1, Ultramarine Blue series 1, Vermillion Hue series 2, Viridian Hue series 2, Yellow Ochre series 1, Naples yellow series 1, indian yellow series 2, pyrrole orange series 2, medium magenta series 2, brillant purple series 1, manganese blue series 2, aqua green series 1, cobalt teal series 2, turquoise Deep series 1, brillant yellow green series 2, indian red series 1, grey series 1, zinc white series 2, unbleached titanium series 1, light blue permanent series 2, Permanent Green Light series 2


40ml, 120ml, 500ml


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