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Camel Artists Watercolors Assorted

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Camel Artists Water Colors in tubes are having maximum purity, transparency and clear tones. The even texture of color, richness of hue and uniformity in various tonal values are the hallmarks of Camel Artists Water Colors. Almost 48 shades available in 20 ml tubes.

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Burnt Sienna Series 1, Burnt Umber Series 1, Camlin Blue Series 2, Camlin Green Series 2, Carmine Series 2, Cerulean Blue Hue Series 2, Chinese White Series 1, Chrome Green Light Series 2, Chrome Yellow Hue Series 2, Cobalt Blue Hue Series 2, Crimson Lake Series 2, Emerald Green Series 2, French Ultramarine Series 2, Gamboge Hue Series 2, Hookers Green Series 1, Hookers Green Deep Series 1, Hookers Green Light Series 1, Indian Red Series 1, Indian Yellow Series 1, Indigo Series 1, Ivory Black Series 1, Lamp Black Series 1, Lemon Yellow Series 2, Light Red Series 1, Magenta Series 2, Mauve Series 2, Naples Yellow Series 1, Olive Green Series 1, Orange Series 2, Paynes Gray Series 1, Permanent Blue Series 2, Permanent Green Light Series 2, Permanent Orange Series 2, Permanent Yellow Deep Series 2, Prussian Blue Series 1, Purple Series 2, Raw Sienna Series 1, Raw Umber Series 1, Rose Madder Hue Series 2, Sap Green Series 2, Scarlet Lake Series 1, Sepia Series 1, Terre Verte Series 1, Ultramarine Blue Series 1, Vermilion Hue Series 2, Violet Series 2, Viridian Hue Series 2, Yellow Ochre Series 1


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