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Camlin Artist Heavy Body Acrylic Colour Tubes

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Camel Artist Heavy Body Acrylic Colours have high pigment content than regular acrylic paints, thereby making them richer and vibrant. Their thick consistency prevents the paints from cracking and sagging and their exceptional surface drag allows smooth blending of shades.They are UV resistant which helps in increasing longevity of the painting. They can be used directly from the tube or mixed with acrylic medium or with water. Relief texture can be obtained by application of thick paint with palette knife and large areas can be built up without fear of cracking.


  • Professional Grade Acrylics, Vivid Colours, Spreads Easily
  • Extra smooth with thick buttery consistency .
  • Preserves brush strokes and palette knife marks
  • These tubes are available in 40ml
  • Shade card is given below.


Shade card


Additional information


Carbon Black 066, Cadmium Yellow Dark 052, Cadmium Red Medium Hue 037, Cobalt Violet Hue 061, Yellow Ochre 492, Cobalt Blue Hue 056, Viridian Hue 453, Quinacridone Red 364, Light Ultramarine Blue 246, Medium Magenta 284, Naphthol Red Light 272, Hansa Yellow Light 196, Light Violet 242, Burnt Sienna 031, Cadmium Red Dark 043, Light Green Yellow 250, Phthalo Blue 358, Burnt Umber 032, Sap Green Hue 390, Turquoise Phthalo 430, Cadmium Orange 039, Red Oxide 372, Light Green Blue 204, Raw Sienna 366, Raw Umber 367, Neutral Grey N5 273, Indian Yellow Hue 204, Graphite Grey 183, Titanium White 423, Zinc White 496


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