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Copic Various Ink Refilles

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All marker colors have a matching bottle of ink. Each bottle will fill a dry marker up to 15 times, depending on the style of marker.  Each bottle of ink has a built in dropper tip for simple application. If needed, an additional Booster Needle can be attached for even more precision. The airtight inner seal will prevent the ink from drying out for many years. Various Inks are non-toxic and easy to cleanup.

  • One bottle of Various  Copic ink refilles  7-9 times

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Acid Green, Acid Yellow, Africano, Amethyst, Anise, Antwerp Blue, Apple Green, Apricot, Aqua, Aqua Mint, Baby Blue, Baby Skin Pink, Barium Yellow, Barley Orange, Begonia Pink, Black, Blue berry, Blue Green, Blue Violet, Blush, Brick Beige, Brick White, Bright Parrot Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Buttercup, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium, Red, Cadmium Yellow, Canary Yellow, Caramel, Cardinal, Caribe Cocoa, Carmine, Celadon Green, Cerise, Chamois, Chamois, Chartreuse, Chinese Orange, Chrome Orange, Clay, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Green, Colorless Blender, Cool Gray 0, Cool Gray 01, Cool Gray 02, Cool Gray 03, Cool Gray 04, Cool Gray 05, Cool Gray 06, Cool Gray 07, Cool Gray 08, Cool Gray 09, Cool Gray 10, Cool Shadow, Copic Dark Bark, Coral, Cream, Crimson, Cyan Blue, Dark Pink, Dark Suntan, Deep Magenta, Dim Green, Dog Rose Flower, Duck Blue, Dull Ivory, Emerald Green, Flagstone Blue, Flesh, Forrest Green, Frost Blue, Fruit Pink, Fuchsia, Garnet, Golden Yellow, Grass Green, Gray Bluish Lavender, Green Bice, Holiday Blue, Honey, Horizon Green, Ice Blue, Jade Green, Lavender, Lazuli, Leather, Lemon Yellow, Lettuce Green, Light Blue, Light Caramel, Light Mahogany, Light Orange, Light Pink, Light Prawn, Light Suntan, Light Walnut, Lilac, Lime Green, Lipstick Neutral, Lipstick Orange, Lipstick Red, Malachite, Mallow, Manganese Blue, Marine Green, Maroon, Mauve Shadow, Mignonette, Milky White, Mint Blue, Mint Green, Moon White, Moss, Mustard, Napoli Yellow, Neutral Gray 0, Neutral Gray 03, Neutral Gray 05, Neutral Gray 06, Neutral Gray 07, Neutral Gray 08, Neutral Gray 09, Neutral Gray 10, Neutral Gray 01, Neutral Gray 02, Neutral Gray 04, New Blue, New Leaf, Nile Blue, Nile Green, Ocean Green, Olive, Orientale, Pale Blue, Pale Cherry Pink, Pale Green, Pale Lavender, Pale Lilac, Pale Olive, Pale PinkPale Sepia, Pale Yellow, Pea Green, PeachPeacock Blue, Pearl White, Phthalo Blue, Pine Tree Green, Pink, Pinkish White, PowderBlue, Powder Pink, Process Blue, Prussian Blue, Putty, Raw Silk, Red Violet, Redwood, Robins Egg Blue, Salad, Salmon Red, Sand, Sanguine, Sea Green, Sepia, Shadow Pink, Shock Pink, Skin White, Sky, Smoky Blue, Spanish Olive, Special Black, Spectrum Green, Spring Dim Green, Sugar Almond Pink, Tahitian Blue, Teal Blue, Tender Pink, Toner Gray 0, Toner Gray 01, Toner Gray 02, Toner Gray 03, Toner Gray 04, Toner Gray 05, Toner Gray 06, Toner Gray 07, Toner Gray 08, Toner Gray 09, Toner Gray 10, Ultramarine, Verdigris, Vermilion, Veronese Green, Violet, Walnut, Warm Gray 0, Warm Gray 01, Warm Gray 02, Warm Gray 03, Warm Gray 04, Warm Gray 05, Warm Gray 06, Warm Gray 07, Warm Gray 08, Warm Gray 09, Warm Gray 10, Wax White, Willow, Yellow, Yellow Green, Yellow Ochre, Yellowish Beige


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