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Creatcolor Fine Art Pastel Pencils

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Creatcolor Fine Art Pastel Pencils are superb for fine detail work. Enveloped in a protective case of cedar, 72 luminous colors make for portable pastel perfection. Rich pigmentation and high lightfastness guarantee brilliant results.

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Bister, Black Grey, Brown Grey, Cadmium Citron, Chromium Yellow, Delft Blue, English Red, French Green, Green Grey, Indian Red, Ivory, Ivory Black, Light Blue, Madder Carmine, Moss Green Dark, Mountain Blue, Naples Yellow, Ochre Dark, Ochre Light, Olive Brown, Orange, Pearl Gray, Permanent Dark Yellow, Pompeian Red, Prussian Blue, Reddish Purple, Rose Madder, Ruby, Sanguine Dark, Sanguine Light, Sepia Dark, Sepia Light, Sienna, Tan Dark, Tan Light, Turquoise Dark, Ultramarine, Vandyke Brown, White Grey


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