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Escoda Ultimo Tendo Synthetic Hair Brush

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Escoda Ultimo Synthetic Squirrel Hair Brushes are an almost perfect imitation of squirrel hair. Thanks to the artificial hair in this Ultimo Tendo Brush series, extraordinary softness and a capacity to retain liquids is achieved which is virtually the same as that found in the natural squirrel hair brushes. This synthetic squirrel hair brush is ideal for watercolours.


  • Best Synthetic Squirrel Hair; extremely soft with great retention capacity
  • Ideal for Watercolours and suitable for Gouache, Stiffness: 1 on 6
  • Triple Crimped Ferrule, ensuring that it will remain in place for a lifetime of use.
  • Escoda Mop brushes have long hairs, and a natural-shaped tip. They are round versions of the wash brush, made of soft, absorbent hair. It is useful for laying in large areas of water or color, for wetting the surface, and for absorbing excess media.

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